Battle For The Planet Of Tango

20th June 2609

"In the beginning, God created Traditionals and Nuevos, so that both might live in friendship and share dominion over a tango world at peace. But in the fullness of time, evil Nuevos betrayed God's trust and, in disobedience to His holy word, waged bloody wars on the dance floor...not only against their own kind, but against the Traditionals, whom they reduced to slavery." ~ The Lawgiver

The Dark Ages

The early part of the Third Millennium was a lawless age.

In those times, all women meekly accepted that going to a milonga meant getting repeatedly hit, bumped, even cut. It was common to see brutal Nuevos running rampant across the sacred dance floor, bouncing off other partners as they did so. And they called themselves teachers...

It was the age of the Empire Of The Hoggers, the age of Nuevo ascendance. And the few pockets of respect dancers were isolated, fearful and outnumbered.

A Hogger.

Back then the cabeceo was a thing of myth and rarely taught. Many experienced dancers didn't even know how to pronounce it, let alone use it effectively. Those that tried often ended up sitting out for most of the evening.

The line between Practica and Milonga had blurred until they became the worst of both. People rarely practiced, they simply danced at Practicas. Leaders were forced to practice in the milongas, often causing chaos in the process. And, not only would leaders actually repeatedly lead a move that wasn't working, but some would even go so far as to lecture the follower on what she was supposed to be doing!

It seems hard to believe now, but back then, no-one protested against these injustices. No, not even when the Nuevos broke the Holy Line Of Dance, no-one would stop them, or ban them forever. All these violations were commonplace, in the Dark Ages.

The Rise Of The Resistance

From these Dark Times there rose the Tango Way.

Slowly, underground Practicas - like the fabled GruppoTangoPractico - formed to provide a place where both leaders and followers could learn their skills safely. Few in numbers at first, and often held in secret from the Hoggers, gradually they gained ground.

Spearheaded by those whose name we only know in legend - El Padrino, Fantasma, SraHedgehog and Capitan Jep amongst others - after time, much time, their continued resistance and steadfast faith in the way of respect gathered others, who rallied to the Cause Of The Convoy.

The Battle For Negrachas proved to be the turning point.

By infiltrating the worst, the very, very worst, of the dens of evil at the time, the Way - bringing in the more open social mores from other dance forms whose names have been lost to history - gradually helped people to dance more freely. Convoys were tried, and grew in strength.

Sadly the process was hindered once more by the Hoggers who failed to value their partners and follow the cardinal rule of "First Do No Harm".

Their presence meant that some form of protection when dancing with strangers was still required while their numbers dwindled. The Way helped provide that protection to those who genuinely wanted to dance.

The Nuevos faught back, of course. But the cause of right was on the side of the Way, and eventually they triumphed, exiling the remaining hardcore Nuevos to an area now forgotten to us, but which was once known as "Birmingham".

Living in Peace

After decades of bitter strife, the demise of the Hoggers led to an end of the long-standing Nuevo-Traditionalist War. Finally, both sides were able to dance in harmony on the same floor, each complementing the other as light and shade.

Living in Peace.

And even Nuevos enjoyed a renaissance. Whereas before Nuevos had been seen as brutish thugs, with no art, language, or workable dance moves, with the coming of peace they returned to their roots, of exploring "Why?" and "What if?". New embraces and concepts were developed, not simply because they were different, but as ways to explore connection between the two dancers.

Teachers gradually made peace with one another - yes, even in London.

Throughout the old internet, ideas spread to different dancers. Indeed the Way was not affiliated with any one teacher, and freely travelled throughout the London milongas. Improving technologies, and considerable persistence from SraHedgehog and El Padrino finally led to the coherent single point of information we all use today regarding the various milongas - the TangoNet.

It took time and effort. Indeed the price was paid in the blood of the Traditionals that smeared many a Hogger's heels. But eventually the chaos and pain gave way to something better. Something beautiful. Milongas transformed into what they were meant to be The grim prediction of ElStefano in 2009 were no longer true. People at milongas were finally "dancing".


"We still wait, my children. But as I look at Traditionals and Nuevos living in friendship, in harmony and at peace, now some 600 years after the war, at least we wait with hope for the future." ~ The Lawgiver

The Lawgiver.

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- 20th June 2609