Back to School

5th January 2010

"I don't want to go" ~ Doctor Who

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It's the first day back to school / work for many of us, and I imagine that for you, like me, it's a bit of a culture shock.

The peculiar way that we organise our holiday calendars has, in 2009/2010, resulted in the first full working day being the first day of the week - there's no 3- or 4-day weeks to ease us gently back into it, it's full-on full-week returning baby. Very depresssing. I'm depressed even typing about it.

(For the fact-obsessed amongst you, apparently this is the first time the dates have fallen on these days for 11 years. Now you can impress your friends with your detailed knowledge of, well, something no-one really cares about.)

So, anyway, in an effort to alleviate the ocountry-wide gloom, I'd like to share some plans, goals and ambitions for the first "tenner" year.

LearningTango: does what it says on the tin

The first ambition is that we'll very soon be launching a new website:

This site will have a similar approach to the current one, but will focus exclusively on Tango.

The reason for a new site is that it's become clear that the majority of content is not actually about Jive/Tango, it's about Tango. In other words, the site does not really do what it says on the tin.

So, for clarity, we'll aim to publish Tango-only content on, and jive/tango content on

There'll be a transition period, but the new site will be launched in the next week, and we should have this all up-and running within a month or so.

In the meantime, feel free to have a look at the site as a work-in-progress. If you have any comments, suggestions or ideas, please send me an email - all feedback welcome. leaner but not meaner

A lot of the current Jivetango content will be ported over to the new LearninTango site, and the new, slimmed-down Jivetango site will hopefully better reflect the JiveTango content.

So, for people interested in TangoJive, Jango, Jive / Tango fusions, and moving from Modern Jive to Tango, the Jivetango site will hopefully be more helpful in meeting your needs.

We'll have nice prominent links between LearningTango and JiveTango websites, to allow you to quickly switch between both sites. The aim is not to confuse you, but to help you with the information that's most appropriate to your requirements.

Teaching Tango

The Tango courses I started in 2009 will continue in 2010.

I shall continue (on the LearningTango site) to write up notes for each class, for the benefit of students and others. I may even experiment with some mutlimedia if I'm feeling daring.

Jan - Feb 2010: Tango Foundations

The first of these courses will be the "Tango Foundations" course starting in mid-January.

There are still a couple of places left on this course - if you're interested in attending this, please let me know

Spring 2010: Tango Extensions

After the Tango Foundations course, I expect to run a "Tango Extensions" course, probably starting in March / April.

Again, if you're interested in this course, contact me to let me know.

Hablo Espanol?

On a personal note, I shall, this year, be attempting to (finally) learn Spanish, at least to a conversational level. My sense is that a working knowledge of Spanish will be helpful, at least to a point, in broadening my own appreciation of Tango. Plus, it's a useful skill to learn.

I have bought a number of Audio CDs. I shall go through each of these, and I'll share my thoughts on them as I do so. I will probably also do an actual course or two, and again I'll let you all know how that goes.

So, that lot should be enough to keep me going for 2010...

 - David Bailey, 5th January 2010

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