September 2009: Beginners Tango course syllabus

3rd August 2009


I will be teaching a 4-week "Introduction to Tango" course in September.

This course will largely aim at getting you familiar with the fundamentals of dancing Tango, focussing on key concepts such as connection, posture, and the core steps.

Each week will have a technique theme, and will also introduce one or more steps using that theme.

Course details

Dates: Sunday 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th September.

Times: 4-6pm.

Location: Fitness First (dance studio), 172-176 High Street, Berkhamsted. (Map).

Course cost: £40 per person, or £70 per couple.

Week 1: Embrace, connection and walking

Introduction: Walking around in connection.

Technique: Achieving a connection with your partner, walking correctly, getting the correct embrace (hold).

Steps: fowards, back, rocksteps, sidesteps. We will also introduce the pivot (ocho) step.

Week 1 detailed notes

Week 2: Dissociation and ochos

This week focusses on the pivot step (ochos).

Introduction: Sheet of paper

Technique: Dissociation

Steps: Ochos - forwards, backwards, and changing between the two.

Week 2 detailed notes

Week 3: Giros

This week focusses on the turn (giro) movement, and also introduces the gancho (flick) step.

Introduction: Snake giros - walk like an Argentinian...

Technique: Rotation, leading and following.

Steps: Giros - clockwise and anti-clockwise - and ganchos.

Week 3 detailed notes

Week 4: Crossing

This week focusses on the cross, how to get into it and out of it.

Introduction: Role reversal

Technique: Changing tracks seamlessly.

Steps: The cross, and the barrida.

- David Bailey, 3rd August 2009