Review: The Dome

27th January 2009

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Date: Weds 21st January 2009


Class Type Intermediates

Location: Boston Pub (upstairs), Dartmouth Park Hill, Tufnell Park, London (map)

The class

The class is really good. There's probably over 20 couples (40 +) with about 3 leaders over! We covered:

  • Planeo
  • Volcada
  • Colgada
  • Passada
  • Parada
  • Barrida

Follower being led to planeo with weight on left leg and the lead keeping the axis constant walks backwards (important not to walk sideways as this will throw the follower out of axis) circuling the axis and making the circle bigger. This will cause the follower to lean slightly forwards and the Leader will have to also lean with his chest forward taking most of her weight. Leaders are told not to exaggerate the size of the circle particularly in a milonga and to keep it small. To the follower, it feels better when it is small.

The step then becomes a volcado as both are naturally, in the perfect position for it. The lead with chest forward, pushes up quickly but gently, in the same direction and maintaining axis and follower steps back with the non-bearing leg (her right leg). As she does, she changes weight.

We then move naturally into a barrida sequence. With feet together, lead sweeps follower's right leg. Follower maintains contact and both bring in the other foot to collect. This is the beginning of the Colgada move

Technique: The bottom is in a natural sitting position so 'force' it downwards. The knees are soft. Both follower and leader are using push and pull mechanism to balance their weight.

Immediately following on from the Volcada step, the leader moves follower into entrance for a Colgada - the lead block's the follower and our feet are locked together.

Both follower and lead have to dissociate upper body and lean out to one side and back again. Imperative that the axis is maintained and both are 'facing' each other at all times. Shoulders will be parallel.

  • Having 'swung' back 180, the lead steps sideways
  • This will lead follower to Passada which is basically, stepping over Lead's left thight with left leg
  • As follower passada's, (to be honest it's a font ocho over thigh), the lead is simultaneously turning around, not changing his weight, nor straigtening his leg and trailing her non weight-bearing foot.
  • The lead turning around, causes the follower to pivot round too.

The lead block's the follower's left leg as the weight is shifted firmly onto right leg.

To end, we finish with a smooth sideways-upright planeo - I'm not sure this is the technical term for it.


  • Follower and Lead are side-by-side.
  • The Lead's left leg is on the inside of the follower's right leg and his foot is next to her's.
  • The Lead's right leg is bent.

Sideway's Upright Planeo
As Lead straightens his leg, he will naturally push the follower to glide upwards on his side. Follower will bring right leg over Leaders left thigh (again), to ocho.

Leader can then choose his desired finish.

More information:

- Betty Smith, 27th January 2009

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