Class Review: Tango Movement

Class date: Mondays, 8 - 9:30pm

Teacher: David and Kim

Class Type Improver

Location: Virgin Active, The Plaza, Oxford Street

Class review and comments:

I've been to a dozen or so different classes around central London and think David and Kim's classes stand out. Boy, can they dance! Plus, they have a teaching style that appeals to me: smiley and encouraging, with lots of showing and doing and not much talking. And they can manage a class. Calling 'Change partners' is not managing a class. If you're left standing there more than once, you can get discouraged. In David and Kim's classes, if there's a surplus of men or women, the extra dancers are given exercises based on the current move, overseen and corrected. Everyone matters. There is no 'dead time.'

The first half of the lesson is given over to technique. David's drills are always fiendishly demanding, a full-on brain gym, like tongue twisters - but for feet. If you think the last one was challenging, the next one's worse. But then, they're guaranteed to improve the range, accuracy and decorativeness of your footwork, to have you cultivate a good porte (deportment) for tango and to finesse your interpretation of music.

Kim is grace, elegance and sensitivity, personified and she knows how to deconstruct style for women, down to the subtlest detail: the floaty left hand, the forward heel, the happy bottom.

They teach in professional dance studios, properly kitted out with wooden floors, mirrors and bars (for exercising, not drinking.) Their themed weekend workshops are worth looking out for. Although not cheap, discounts are available for sets of classes and you can bet you'll come away better off as a dancer.

The only down side to their classes seems to be that there is no time for practica straight after.

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- Naznene Sparrow