Review: Tango In Brum

30th December 2008

Class date: December 2007

Class review and comments:

Just had my first AT class in Birmingham and will just have to pour it all out.

It was a cafe bar in the front very mediteranean looking and quaint. Walk through the back door and its a sprung floor mirror wall and bars.

I warmed up feeling nervous. The women were one side of the room the men another. It was a beginners class, and it was the second week.

We learned to walk. First forwards then backwards.

My high heels wobbled as my core lifted, my cosix sank, and my kneeds struggled to find each other. Not so elegant was my reflection, but the teacher kindly corrected me. It looks as though I'll be ironing and hoovering in my heels to get adjusted to the height

Then we learnt swirls with our feet balancing on one we move the other forwards, sideways and backwards. It felt exquisite. Then we slide forwards, stop one one foot turned our selves and slide the other making our way across the room. One lady didn't manage she was corrected and we continued.

Later we were paired to lead and follow, weight tipped forwards, finger tips on our partners chest. An elderly gentleman put me at my ease as me moved slowly across the floor. Without noticing it we became closer, he commented teasing me, there was a quiet moment of laughter.

We were shown a sequence with a right right cross.

I struggled using other latin steps unconsciously ,until again I was corrected and again, and yet again untill I followed and the teacher looked at a glance and said yes.

The music was much to my taste, the other dancers quiet composed and hardworking and no one all night demanded I smile, but the smile was there hovering around my lips. It is a very beautiful dance.

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- Diana Shore, 30th December 2008