One Night At Negracha

30th March 2009

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Dance Date: Friday, 27th March 2009

Location: 4 Wild Court, London WC2B 4AU (map)

Cost: £15 (Class + Milonga + Show)

Review and comments:

I had a free Friday (27th March) and at the last moment decided to try Negracha's.

Well, it was interesting...

There were just a couple of people I recognised and at first the downstairs and upstairs was quite empty. It was reasonably early (9.30pm) so people were still arriving. It did fill up eventually though.

What was clearly apparent though was the music being played. It was more 'Cerocish' - humm?, why's that? - I was told that a chap called Rob Ambridge was DJing, and he didn't do a bad job either.

Later on there were a couple of dance demonstrations laid on upstairs, and although I did not attend the first one, the second one was, well, very good.

This couple were Sergio Natario and Alejandra Arrue, and they did fast Tango, and my goodness, it was full-on. A couple of times the music for their demo went a bit askew, but, the lady dancer handled this with humour and professionalism. It was funny how she got her partner to continue with the demo as they interpreted the 'askewed' music.

It turned into a bit of a comedy, but for the right reasons I should add.

Would I go back to Negracha's on a non-Let's Go To Negracha's day?

Perhaps....I felt a bit Billy-no-mates there but loved the dance demo though and the chap's style of dancing.

- Ken Royden, November 30th 2008

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