Milonga review: Negracha

Date: Friday 4th July 2008

Teacher: Ivan Arandia (Beginners and Improvers) / Fernando Sanchez and Nayla Vacca (Intermediate)

Class Type Beginners, Improvers, and Intermediates

Location: Holborn

Class review and comments:

This was the second meeting of the "Let's go to Negrachas" group. There were about ten of us there this time, so numbers are definitely improving. The venue itself was more quiet than in June, possibly due to summer, or possibly due to people attending Conway hall just up the road. Or possibly both.

I got there early, and I did the downstairs classes, which was taught by Ivan Arandia as usual. The beginner class was all about leading weight changes and stepping, which is always good to focus on. The improver class was (mainly) about mirrored Giros, plus a bit of footwork at the end. This was also good for me, as I need to start working on my footwork with Giros. I can now just about lead them, now I think I should start doing something a little better than just "shuffling around" with my feet whilst doing so.

The upstairs class is usually taught by a guest teacher / couple. This week, it was Fernando Sanchez and Nayla Vacca, teaching "Sequencias para Tango de Salon". The cost if you wanted to do this class was £15; it's normally £12 but they often have surcharges for "names". The Pablo Veron class was £20, which I thought was a bit OTT.

Musically, the downstairs music could reasonably be classed as "a bit weird" up until around 11pm - which followed the same pattern as last month. So I flitted between upstairs and downstairs for a while. However, after that point, the music seemed to get more Neo-Tango-y and funky, which was more attractive to ne. It also means that the good music comes on at the same time as the upstairs gets busy, which is either a happy coincidence or pure luck; I'd vote for the latter.

I had some lovely dances with lots of people. I left relatively early (before 1am), but then I get there around 7pm, so I spent a good amount of time there.

The next LGTN gathering is on the 1st August - unfortunately I won't be able to make that one, but I'm sure it'll be great.

Bad points: yet again we forgot to take any photos!

More details:

- David Bailey