Review: La Mariposa

Date / Time: Sundays, 2pm - 6:30pm

Teacher: Alan Waltzes and Ros Freedman

Class Type: Intermediate

Location: Wessex House, 1a St Johns' Hill London SW11 1TN (Map)

Cost: £9

Class review and comments:

Here's a place to add to your list of Places to Dance Before I Dance My Last Tango: La Mariposa.

Situated opposite Clapham Junction Station in Wessex House. The dark and seedy venue adds further to the sensuality of the atmosphere, that is attracting forever more people on a Sunday afternoon.

There are two back-to-back classes (post-beginners and intermediate/advance respectively) starting at 2pm followed by the milonga at 4pm. There is the large main floor area as well as a smaller one for those wishing to engage in their own personal practica.

The welcome is always warm, especially towards first time visitors. Never one to be shy to climb out of the tango musical box, Alan has put the "C" back into Creativity when it comes to his DJ'ing style. His music arrives in various languages, styles and rhythms yet all to be considered complimentary to the Argentine Tango dance. Where others' musical choices might invite you to just move your feet, Alan's music teaches you how to dance from the soul.

Is there a downside? Of cousre. Once you've heard the music at La Mariposa you'll be spoiled for life.

Don't believe me? See you on Sunday.

More details: Tel: 0208 785 3953 / 0207 652 3633.

- Heather B