Workshop Review: Jango

Date: Saturday 28th June 2008 (afternoon)

Teacher: Amir Giles

Class Type Advanced

Location: Twickenham

Class review and comments: The class started by learning backward ochos, into an anti-clockwise boleo with a decorative bit of footwork, then leading on to a volcado.

We also practiced forward ochos with blocking leading to a gancho then into a volcada.

The important thing I learnt here was that I had to concentrate on my upper body turns to allow for the lady to be able to be lead properly , giving her the space to without being a bit 'army'.

With Amir's class, I am always able to find something new to take away, albeit again having to learn ochoes...Value for money and travelling all the way to Twickenham? Yes.

Bad points: Parking in Twickenham is not good, lots of Residents parking and paid parking that only allows for two hours. '

More class details:

- Ken Royden