Review: Decadance

Date / Time: Friday 29th August 2008

Teacher: Warren

Class Type: Beginner

Location: The Loft, 10 Ship Street, Brighton BN1 1AD

Cost: £7 in advance, £8 on the door

Class review and comments:

I have been meaning to visit DecaDance for some time now, so, after driving early evening down the M23/A23 to Brighton, we somehow managed to place ourselves at the only place (it seemed) possible we could park, the Lanes underground car park, two streets away from Ship Street.

The parking saga...

Without having a clue as to the parking charges, you only find out what it costs when you are stuck in the approach to the barrier with no way out, whereupon it at first looks like 80p per 30 minutes (oh no) and here we are, arriving early 7.30pm, expecting to leave at 2am. We are looking at a very large parking charge here (it seems) but no, it turns out that after scrutinizing the charges the cost from 6pm to midnight is a more reasonable £3. Ho hum, that's ok...

On speaking to other attendees at the venue though about the horrendous parking charges and how you can't park etc, some one kindly mentioned whether I knew about the additional charges from 12 midnight to 6am - you were aware weren't you? Ah, no, so, back to the car park, oh look, 12 midnight onwards, an extra £5. Hum... £3 already paid, plus they will want another £5, er £8 then. No, no, no! Right out comes the car, I'm off to look for a parking space (it is now 11.50pm). Can't find anywhere to park. Going further away from the venue, I find somewhere. It's a 10 minute walk back to the venue.

Why am I writing this? Well, if I had looked at the DecaDance website in the first place I would have seen that they had addressed the parking issue.


Be prepared before going to this venue. If you do go early, go for something to eat in one of the many fantastic restaurants nearby. We found a Thai restaurant called 'the King and I' in Ship Street which was superb.

And dancing...

The venue (The Loft) was easy to find at the sea end of Ship Street on the first floor. Two rooms available for dancing, mainly Modern Jive but in the back room was exclusively for Tango. Quite a small space, and the attendees were beginners, attempting a bit of Tango, then off to do a bit of Modern Jive.

There was a very friendly atmosphere, with Warren running frantically backwards and forwards either dancing with people in both rooms, chatting to those not dancing and getting them partnered up, or taking a stint at DJing. There was also the odd occasion where a saxophone player did a musical stint too. The music was good and varied. It was clear that there was a big effort in ensuring that the music was varied and right for the settings.

It was a good night, and we were asked just before the venue finished if we wanted to go for food and drink after the venue, something a bit alien to do but would consider next time if I didn't have my 'got to go home' head on.

Would I go again next month? Well, it is a bit expensive on the petrol to get to Brighton from London, and if I can get my head around the parking, I would flag it up as a place to consider.

If more persons who I knew attended, that would be a consideration also. It is worth a visit, if you are unsure of your Tango and are a beginner trying your moves out, but mainly there for the Modern Jive, this is a good place to go. The standard of Modern Jiving was pretty good…

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- Ken Royden