Review: The Rugby Ball (Ceroc)

14th April 2009

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Date: Friday 10th April 2009

Teacher: Marc Forster & Rachel Pears

Location: Benn Hall, Midlands

Review comments

Held at Benn Hall in the Midlands over Easter, it was mainly a posh Ceroc event (Tux and posh frocks etc), with an element of Tango promoted by Marc Forster and Rachel Pears, a Ceroc team that are doing their level best to introduce Tango to Modern Jivers.

Although I missed Marc's class, he did Tango beginners with the usual basics: walking, the hold and backward ochos. After the class, those interested were offered the chance to dance Tango in the 2nd room provided.

Marc had previously requested his more experienced Tango friends to come along and help promote Tango, so there were a few of us there to try and get it going.

The 2nd room started off with good recognisable Tango tracks and the room filled up quickly. Unfortunately the 2nd room was to be shared with those interested in Blues and Swing, so the music changed and we left for the main room. There were some Tango tracks played there, but as usual, very difficult to dance as the floor craft etiquette was non-existent and lots of bumping into each other.

More nearer to the end of the evening, about midnight, there was a lull in the dancing while the tea and chocolate biscuits were served.

Display yourselves

Suddenly there was an announcement from Marc - there would be a display of Tango from the more experienced tango dancers who were invited to the event - gulp, did he mean me? So could you all please stand around the sides and watch while drinking your tea!

Oh bugger, we looked at each other, laughed nervously and slowly got up. Marc and Rachel leap from the stage and join in too. We look around - ah, we are not alone, there are more Tango dancers here, not so much now being in the spotlight - still, you could have let us know Marc! It sure focuses your dancing when you have a room full of tea swilling brummies watching you, but hey, it wasn't so bad...

In conclusion

If you came to dance Tango this evening, you would have been frustrated.

Saying that, doing Tango at a Modern Jive event is always a bit daft, you're there for a social, have a few laughs and maybe even help a few people with a bit of Tango.

Did the Cerocers want to see a bit of Tango? Yes, I think they did, People did come up and say they enjoyed seeing the moves the Tango dancers did.

Did watching us at Benn Hall start someone off on their journey to try Tango? Who knows, I hope so, and for that I would say it was worth attending.

Marc and Rachel worked very hard to try and make it a success. Credit to them for bringing Tango to a new audience.

- Ken Royden, 14th April 2009

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