Review: Ceroc Orpington - Blues Room

Date / Time: 11th October 2008 (evening freestyle)

Location: Crofton Halls, York Rise (Off Crofton Road), Oprpington BR6 8PR (Map)

Cost: £10

Review and comments:

Ceroc Kent's 'Blues room' at Orpington Ceroc occasionally run a second room to their normal Modern Jive operation as a 'special' on a Saturday night about once a month.

Howard Temple (one of Ceroc's well known Blues teachers) got the task to DJ this night as a one off. As he wanted to play tracks 'he liked' (his words) rather than a possible pre-ordained set, his set was actually really good, pretty much every track was just good to Tango to.

There was a few Tango folks there (albeit going on the premise of dancing Modern Jive) and we did speak to each other - some of us also danced Modern Jive with each other too! it was strange, one moment we are at other venues doing the serious Tango stuff, then when there is nothing on, we pop down to the local Ceroc venue and find we are obliged to dance Ceroc, feel a bit silly, then start doing Tango with each other.

Would I go again to Ceroc Orpington's Blues room? Well, if the music was like before and we get a few Tango folks, er, yes...I surprise myself saying and thinking...

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- Ken Royden