You know when you've been Tango'd when...

5th January 2009

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Dreams start off with experiences from a past Milonga
The music, the various dances,
The clothes, and the embraces
And then my thoughts get muddled up between reality and fiction
Where fiction is reality and reality fiction
Where it may be about the demon dancer(s) and not the dance
For it does feel this way in Tango
And then it hits me - I need to Tango, I can't wait any longer!

No matter my responsibilities or impracticalities
Nothing will get in my way when I'm in this place
It is frustrating to say the least,
far greater than the urge to Jive
Especially when I'm shattered
And even more so when the decent milonga is no less than one hour's drive

Not tonight, it is Yule Tango in Eton
It is 5 o'clock now and I'm debating
Don't know who's going to be there
But that's not the issue
It's fatigue and worse still, don't have a clue what to wear

Must make up my mind shortly
As the night draws in
"Throw on some glad rags sporty!"
My positive mind is beckoning

I wake up from a snooze and it's half past nine
I fell asleep while sitting,
My flesh must be so so weak.
Oh bugger, can't make it now it seems
I give in - tonight I'm bed bound,
and have to make do with dreams

I'm woken up early the next morn by my offspring
And the dreams are still haunting
The thoughts, yes at Tango, this time it is pure fiction
Fiction of what I may become on the floor
By the music, the dances, that demon dancer and many more
I wrack my brain for a diversion,
It is pointless, I must find the only remedy
And address my addiction

There is a day workshop
Just what the doctor ordered
I have to book with a partner
Any partner will do
I'm limited in communication, no internet
Reality check "Tango will have to wait, mate"
It's Ceroc tonight, and perhaps I may get a Tango or two?

It is Tuesday and I've still not had my fix,
I may need to keep my CIF's in the closet,
until next week
But there is Negracha this Friday
and Eton Milonga on Saturday
Both are certainly tempting
Despite my responsibilities, I may have to succumb
to this strong urge to dance (in my 8cm inch heels)
until my feet get numb

And suffer the consequences of my action if I do
For sleep deprevation and fatigue
Is no great way to be
When raising my three
And then my mind wonders again
Daydreaming of the milonga, and I get strength to carry me through
Cause let's face it, I have been Tango'd, have you?

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 - Betty Smith, 5th January 2009