Working With You

5th January 2009

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We traced a path, mastering our craft,
Beauty, discipline, mutual respect,
A journey of learning,
Time carefully spent, there's no regret.

Hours of practice, how time flew by!
Working on figures, with intricate care,
Practice! Practice! Practice!
New found skills, slowly becoming our art.

Movement became poetry,
As connection between us grew,
Our feet skilfully sketching patterns on the floor,
Music, moment and movement, throwing out yet more layers to explore.

Your life is moving you away,
But you'll stay within my heart,
I am your warm, affectionate, friend,
Not just your tango tart!

Enjoy your adventures overseas,
We will dance on foreign shores,
Sparkling and glistening on new found lands,
I bid you, for now, adieu

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 - Anon., 5th January 2009