Upstairs at Negracha's - still a long way to go...

27th February 2009

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Us men
We come along
Believing because
We are good
Not bad
At Modern Jive
We can also
Be good at Tango

But when it comes
To progressing
We start to realise
We have
'A long way to go'
It becomes all too apparent
When we take the risk
Upstairs at Negracha's.

Having danced downstairs
Believing we were ready
For the upstairs room
Where the exact traditionalists live
Pah! I can cope!
So we pluck up the courage
Climb those stairs
And look for a possible
Sympathetic female partner.

There's plenty
It appears
Sitting along the stage
I'll choose a lady from there
"Would you like a dance?"
I enquire.

She looks at me
You know she is thinking
"Who are you?"
But, she accepts
We take to the floor
And it immediately becomes obvious
That she is no learner
No unsure Modern Jiver
But an experienced Tango traditionalist
Who would like a very good Tango dance
If you please/

Er, better get this right
Switching to 'safe mode'
Only those moves
I really know properly
Lest I look foolish
You can tell
'Not impressed'
It's just the way she acts.

Let's try this move
Oh bugger
Got it wrong
No smile
Please let the record end.

We do our thanks you's
Time to creep back downstairs
With the neo Tangoists and 'safe' dancers
A bit crestfallen
And start to realise
Bravado and bullshit
Doesn't cut it.

Best I get back to the Practica rooms
Before I venture again
Upstairs at Negracha's...

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 - Ken Royden, 27th February 2009