Staying the Transition...

30th December 2008

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Can Modern Jiver's
Stay the transition
To do Tango?

It's been said that 80%
Never make it ...they give up
That leaves only 20% of us
That see out the transition
From Modern Jive to Tango
With the MJ link still intact
Only because our mates are there
We don't go to MJ
For the dancing any more
To have our arms pulled off
Or to do the lessons
When was the last time you had a MJ lesson?

Us "Jive Tangoist's"
(I suppose that's what you would call us
Does that make us "JT's" I wonder?)
We don't do the Ceroc Championships either
Well, not seriously
We might go and watch
It's now naff innt
But then
I don't go to Tango Championships either

It's now more about
Getting it right for me
The one thing I do miss though
Is the fun of Ceroc
When we knew nothing
But thought we knew it all...
Just like teenagers eh

I never hear
Of Tango dancers
Doing Tango
Just for fun
Like in Ceroc
Maybe that is why
Jiver's give up

Or is it
Because it is
Too difficult?

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 - Ken Royden, 30th December 2008