Tango virgins given a shafting...

9th January 2010

A tale I was told
By the girls I had recommended
To a venue
In the suburbs of London
"You'll be ok"
I said
To these rather unsure
But willing ladies
Who wished to give Tango a go
But were very apprehensive
"They have a good reputation
And will look after you"
I was the one
That recommended them
To go
But no
They went
They tried
They found
Snobby men
Who wouldn't dance with them
'cause they couldn't dance
Just beginners weren't they
But when the girls
Did get dances
It was like
The men did not want
Be nice
Like it was a duty dance
They couldn't get out of
And the women
Didn't want them there
Not more women
There's enough already
Not said
But inferred

- Well thanks

What an advert
For the Tango world

And yet
One teacher
Who looked after them
They thought she was great
And not all the men
Were gits mind
So they have said
They will keep going
A determined attitude
Against narrow minded attendees

Where am I talking about?
I daren't say
Why does this dance group
Behave in such a way?
But maybe
Just maybe
These people
Should remember
One day
These girls will get good
And may well be the dancing queens
Not that you will know chaps
As they will never dance with you
And when you ladies
Complain about
Not getting dances
Don't be too surprised
That you are only left dancing
With those narrow minded people
That have the same attitude as you
While those with unselfish actions
Have all the fun...

Ken Royden, 9th January 2010

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