We Still Go Modern Jivin'

Us Modern Jiver's
'cause that's who we are
We now do that
Argentinean Tango thing
Where we trot off
To an established
Tango venue
And call ourselves
'Tango dancers'

We're new
We don't quite fit in
It's a bit scary
But hey
We want to try
That's who we are

But then
We haven't quite let go
Of Modern Jive
So we still go
To those Modern Jive venues
Not scary
We can fit in
It's safe
And weird
In a sense
That we now have
Those folks we see at Tango
Doing Tango
Now dancing Modern Jive
With Modern Jiver's
And even weirder
Tango dancers
At Modern Jive events
With other Tango dancers
Doing Modern Jive
Is it not uncomfortable?

So what do we do?
We try and do Tango
With Modern Jiver's
And can we do it?
- No
Try doing a side step
And get them to follow
No, they won't
And what else do we find we are doing?
We are doing that 'avoiding' game
From Modern Jiver's
Especially the ones
That like to
Pull your arms out of your sockets
It's a transition
From Tango
To Modern Jive
To really bad Modern Jive
We are moving on

Do you remember the days
When we used to say
'I'll dance with anyone who asks'
'I won't be one of those stuck up ones,
that only dance with their friends'

Still think that?

 - Ken Royden