Us Modern Jivers
We also do Tango
And the weekends away
Compensate us
By putting on Tango workshops
Bless em
We try our hand at Tango
And follow the rules they lay down
Like good folks we are

There are some
Who see a dance area
And think
Oh, slow music
Time for my slow Ceroc (oh no)

They don't follow the protocol
Of going anti-clockwise
Man's right arms length away from the wall
To the corners
Like you should
Oh no
Right slap in the middle of the dance floor
Look at me, how clever I am
Doing their stupid dance
Ever seen a slow catapult?
Slow bouncing
Stupid looking
Don't care who's watching

We need a name for these folks
So we can label them

Stupidly Not Obeying Tango Elementary Rules
S.N.O.T.E.R. s

So their little dance stuff
We can now call it
Nuf said

 - Ken Royden