Is it just me?
I'm surrounded by people at the venues
Who talk about the music they hear
Or the moves that they make - as though I should know!
What the heck are you talking about?
I think
As I nod my head
As though I'm really interested
Just being polite though you know!
This sort of conversation
Gives you the big yawns without being allowed to yawn

Now look
It's all a foreign language to me
You say things like
Try a barrida on me
No, that's a goucho you just did

Do you like that song by Julio Ramensiz
Par Loco de Jammie Dodger
Er, how's it go again?

I can't keep up

What we need is a Tango Top Ten chart list
With a snatch of music to be played
So we can understand who the artist is
And what the record is called
Can we get the DJ to announce at the beginning of each record?

Oh, oh, I know this record
Oh, no, well it's similar
- In fact
Most tango records are a bit similar
How am I to know?

Oh wait, I know what an ocho is...
But that's about it!
I think I need to go back to school
It would appear
Quantum mechanics
Is easier to understand

 - Ken Royden