He's a Texan Ranger...

23rd December 2008

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You're on rotation
You move on
There he is
The 'Texan Ranger'
The man who thinks he is
The 'second teacher' in the class

He's already 'got it'
And so have you
With the previous attendees
But no
You are doing it 'wrong'
No matter -
He will 'correct you'
As he can't possibly be wrong
Why, it's all you're fault
He will tell you that
Or in his body language (but probably in both ways)
You don't do it like that
You do it like this
As he takes you off balance
But no
For the sake of not being further embarrassed
And knowing that you will be (hopefully shortly) moved on
You 'go along with it'

You are moved on
And eventually
The class finishes
There's more hell though
He's found you
The old 'tap on the shoulder from behind trick'
Not necessarily exclusive to Ceroc
But transferred to here by the likes of him
And you find yourself dancing with him - God forbid

He attempts the newly taught move
You've 'got it wrong again'
Apart from the fact
You had just done the move correctly
With the rest of the men in the class
Here it comes...
Which includes...
The full-on-lecture
Along with the tutting
The 'no-no-no
The move (now forced) again and again
(He's more determined now)
Till he decides it is 'right'
No equal opportunities here
You are simply not consulted!
And guess what
He really thinks he is doing you a favour

Ok, so why "Texan Ranger?"
He's a

Rong (wrong)

This is what they are
What they do
They won't change
Best avoid, like the plague...

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 - Ken Royden, 23rd December 2008