Picky, picky...

20th January 2009

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I've been advised
That for me to
Get 'better'
At Tango
I am to
Stop dancing
With the many
And dance with
The few
But not just the few
- The select few

If I don't
And carry on
Dancing with all and sundry
I simply won't improve
I will continue
With the presumption
That I am properly leading the ladies
When in fact
They are anticipating my moves
Especially the ones
We just learnt
In the class
But praising me to the eyeballs
On how I am
'Leading them'
And of course I am not

It might not be right
You might think
He's being a bit 'Clicky'
You would say of me
(I would even think this myself)
But I have decided
That my future Tango dances
For the immediate future anyway
Will then have to be
With those women (i.e. Maggies)
That will make me work
At my Tango
Where I have to lead them
Leading them 'properly'
As in
Using weight changes
And leading from the chest
They 'don't go'
They won't 'help'

I'm going to be selective
I will do those dancing avoiding techniques
We all do them
(yes we do)
And concentrate
On the select few

Once I have
'Got better'
(Assuming I do!)
Apparently the done thing
Is to
'Give back'
i.e. start dancing again with all and sundry
But 'impart guidance and advice'
Now that I can
'Do it right'

Confession over
Who agrees?

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 - Ken Royden, 20th January 2009