27th November 2008

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In this wonderful dance world
It has not gone unnoticed
That there are ladies
Who congregate around
The edges of dance halls
Usually sitting down
Looking glum
Not having any dances
Because they have probably
Come on their own
And don't have a partner
To dance with
And by just looking at them
Their body language is saying
"Please Ask Me"
I've called them PAMs

As a bloke
I'm not entirely sure
But I bet they think
They are not as pretty
Or exciting
As that blonde 21 year old
Stick insect
That the men just can't leave alone
Not that she can dance
But that doesn't matter eh boys
You don't see her sitting at all

I believe though
All PAMs
Are pretty
And exciting
They are just a bit shy

Do you know
It's odd for women
To ask men
To dance
Mind you
The difference between
Ceroc PAMs
And Tango PAMs
Is that
Ceroc PAMs are used to having to ask the men to dance
If they can overcome their shyness
Tango PAMs are well, not allowed to ask men for a dance

Who'd be a Tango PAM eh?
Who makes these rules anyway?

Tango PAMs
Your dances are assured
I'm on my way...

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 - Ken Royden, 27th November 2008