New Year's Day

3rd January 2010

Happy New Year my Tango friends...

What's that bloody noise?
I've only had 3 hours sleep
Vibrate, vibrate du-du-duuu
That's a text message sound
It's the wife's phone
Christ, where is it?
Must get to it so to not wake her up
Nope, not in her handbag
Will have to wait for it to ring again,
Ah, sounds like its downstairs

Oh no, its not
Oh look, everything is everywhere
We just dumped it all when we got in
At 4am
Not drunk
Tango folk are not really drinkers
But tired Tango legs
And ready for bed

There it goes again!
Ah, upstairs - where is it?
This is all I need
I'll have to wait
And wait
And wait
For it to go off yet again
I could do without this

There it goes
What's it doing there?
"Is that my phone?"
Oh bugger it's woken her up now
I check the message
I shout through to her
"Happy New Year, my Tango friends!" it said

"Uurgh" I hear
As the covers go back over her head
It's from my Tango friend
Who thought it would be a good idea
To send on mass
To all in her mobile address book
Her greetings
At 1am
But we got
At 7am
Due to the backlog
Of text messages
Sent by everyone it seems
Who had a mobile phone
Wishing all a "Happy New Year"

I'm going back to bed
The phones are switched off...

Ken Royden, 3rd January 2010

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