New Year's Blues

12th November 2008

Will it be
A Tango new year
A Modern Jive new year?

Where are my loyalties
Now I've started this
Argie Tango stuff

Do I smooze the midnight chime dance
Do I do the hell for leather boppin'

It's always been MJ before
But now
I'm not so sure

What puts me off
At Xmas
Is the thousand and one ladies
That are "over"
As there wasn't any
(Maybe there is now)
- Here comes that horrible new word -
"gender balancing"
It was
Cram-em in
It's Xmas
We can't turn anyone away at Xmas eh?
And we can make
A pot of cash too
£30 a ticket x 250 people
Is in anyone's eyes
A whole lodda dosh
Who would not want
To cram-em in
To maximise profits?

Is Tango the same?
Will it be as crowded?
Will it be
As exciting?

Decisions, decisions.

It all boils down to
Where your mates go.

Is it
New mates
Or old mates?

Lordy me...

I'm not the only one
Who took the Tango path
What will you do at Xmas?
You have to book soon...
You can't avoid it

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 - Ken Royden, 12th November 2008