19th February 2009

With apologies to Lewis Caroll...

"Beware the Milongerwock, my son!
The mordidas that bite, the cifs that catch!
Beware the Darcos heel, and shun
The boloeus Bandersnatch!"

He took his Veronal sword in hand:
Long time the manxome foe he sought --
So rested he by the Cafeteria Ideal,
And stood awhile in thought.

And, as in uffish thought he stood,
The Milongerwock, with eyes of flame,
Came whiffling through the Urquiza wood,
And sacada-ed as it came!

Uno, dos, uno, dos! And through and through
The veronal blade went snicker-snack!
He left it dead, and with its head
He went colgading back.

"And, has thou slain the Milongerwock?
Come to my arms, my barrioish boy!
O firulete day! Callooh! Callay!'
He corted in his joy.

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 - BorderTangoMan, 19th February 2009