26th November 2008

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I call 'em Maggies
Because of Margaret Thatcher
And the way she was - tough little women
Who don't conform to niceties for men.

What am I talking about?

Those women
That refuse to make any Tango move
Without being led
By the leaders.

They are not like the other girls
Who I call
Who 'help'
Those new starters
And anticipate
The move
So that the leaders
Now think
They can do the move
But actually
They can't.

as soon as
You try that
'just learnt' move
In freestyle
To someone who didn't do the class
You're stuffed
They will do something else
'cause you 'aint leading it
are you?


Those 'cows'
That are difficult
And won't help you
- So don't make you 'look good'
Are actually
In the long run
Better to dance with.

It's hard
You'll swear
Under your breath
Lose your temper
You'll benefit
You mark my words...

Try a Maggie today.

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 - Ken Royden, 26th November 2008