Harmonica Hell...

Tango music is great
No, really
In small doses
Well, that's what I think
It's not everyone's cup of tea
But there is something
About Tango music
That goes right through me
And makes me
Put my fingers in my ears
That blimin harmonica sound they play
No more!

Do you know
Guantanamo Bay prisoners
Are tortured by having to endure
The music of David Grey
Yup, you know the one
We sing along not really knowing the words
Then the end bit comes
And we sing the only bit
'cause we know the word don't we?
- Babylon
Liked it at first
Then get fed up with it
Now can't stand it

So, can you imagine
How cruel it would be
Instead of Babylon
They played
- Tango harmonica?

It would be just just tooooo cruel...

 - Ken Royden