Tango Fashion Law

You've made the big decision
You're not Modern Jivers any more
You're upping your game
It's time to sort out that tricky footwork
You didn't have to do before

Right then

Let's lose the shirt from Primark
The one with the shirt pocket
And those Burton trousers
They can go for a Burton too
And stop tucking that shirt into those trousers
You look like what your Dad would look like
Want to look like your Dad?
Shoes - been wearing them to work have we?
They're your work shoes aren't they?
And you're going to dance in them!?

No no no no no!

You're at Tango now
Stepping up a gear
No slobs here mate if we can help it

It is time to go and get
The tailored shirts
Properly fitting trousers that hang well
Slightly hanging over your Cuban heels

Time to look the part
Make the transition
You can't get away any more with looking like
You have just come from work

Start to think about
Emulating the Rudolph Valentino type

When you get really good
You can start wearing those suits
With collar and ties
That only teachers who demonstrate can wear

Its Tango fashion law you know...

Ken Royden