9th December 2008

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In response to PAM, ladies at Tango may just be thinking
"Don't Ask Me Please?" I'm in the middle of something
It is mood over matter, this Tango business
PAM to DAMP we are able to rotate
Unlike the dance, who cares about their "axis?"

We sit and watch and soak it all in
The view from the tables is a welcoming!
There's so so much to keep us amused
From shoes, to dudes, and not forgetting the rules!

Yes, the Tango Etiquette, we practice most
When we are sat watching, not dancing; just like (a) ghost?
I will let you in, on one of the many cabaceo secrets
Observe him when he is on the floor,
No, not the one stood by the door!
He will feel your stare and look; maybe once or thrice
Not 'nice' you think
To distract him
Whilst he is Tango-ing with another at the time
But it's a woman's world, and life is not always a beach
When the invitation approaches, it's especially sublime
Our body language immediately switches - Do Ask Me Please!
And for the next 9 minutes, yes, be mine!

And for the dancer with little experience
The floor, it seems, is packed with dancers
Of better ability, shapes, and physical beauty
So much is their appeal
And so it's a mare being invited to play
When we know we don't know how to
The heart beats faster, we completely lose it
The dance is full of oh my fault, oops-sorry ... oh shit!
And so we return to our seat and sit transfixed
Don't Ask Me Please?! We think

The shoes and dresses we fuel our dreams
There are all colors, shapes, sizes and designs - our hearts beam!
As we tap our aching feet to the Latin beat,
It suddenly occurs, "oh boy did I need a seat"!
An acquaintance, friend or stranger, it doesn't matter
We sip our drinks and have a natter.

It is a real skill to sit and wish "Don't Ask me Please"
Or "Do Ask me Please", without looking gormless
There is little difference expressing these sentiments
And to the observer, PAM or DAMP, he remains clueless
Men do try and interpret in their way
and get the PAM and DAMP sometimes in a sham!

The world of Tango my friends, is scandalous
Play the game (fairly) - does it seem ridiculous?
Whoever you are in the moment, there's bound to be drama
But to all TANGO ladies, PAMS, Maggies, Damp or Damp
Ken is right we know,
We sit and wish Please Do or Don't - Long live the show!

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 - Betty Smith, 9th December 2008