General AT neotango playlist

10th January 2009

Here's a selection of tracks, in no particular order, which I think work well if you're coming from an MJ background. Some of them sort-of fit into the "Neo Tango" category, others are simply tracks that I found work well to Tango to.

Almost Blue
Alison Moyet
Classic slow Blues track, works well for MJ Blues or slow AT
Assassin's Tango
John Powell
Lovely instrumental - dramatic kick at the end.
Blue Monday
Milonga track - also quite MJ-able
Don't Know Why
Nora Jones
Nice relazing Blues track.
England 2 Columbia 0 Kirsty MacColl Good title :)
En Mi / Solidad
Slow, measured beat, good for learning to.
Inertia Creeps Massive Attack
Challenging - possibly a Milonga?
Mi Corazon
Up-tempo, more Milonga than Tango but with some nice pauses.
L'amour Est Un Oiseau Rebelle
Maria Callas
Bit "Ballroom Tango-y" for my taste, but still danceable.
Leave Me Alone Natalie Imbruglia
Another Blues track.
Nobody's Fault But Mine
Beth Rowley
Another slow Blues track.
Nothing Else Matters
Lovely instrumental, sweeping
Piano Secuencias
Carlos Libedinsky
Slow tempo electro-tango. Not on iTunes, alas, which is clearly a crime against humanity.
Secret Maroon 5 YABT (Yet Another Blues Track)
Tango in Harlem Touch & Go Lovely tango feel to it (of course) - "Straight To Number 1" by Touch & Go also works well.
Whatever Happens Michael Jackson Lovely slow track - who'd have thought you could Tango to MJ? :)
Whatever Lola Wants
Sarah Vaughan
Pretty much the only AT track played at MJ venues a couple of years ago. Still worth dancing to.

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- David Bailey, 10th January 2009