Tango Types

5th May 2009

Some of the Tango Types observed so far...

The Tango Traditionalist

While dancing he will tell you every nuance of this particular piece of music; that there is better version recorded by RCA Victor by Florinda Sassone and his Orquesta Tipica; give you the original Spanish lyrics ( though you are dancing to an instrumental version) and the translation and that he has at least 22 versions of this song in his collection of 4 Million tango CDs but wouldnt been seen dead dancing to Gotan).

His knowledge and ability to expound at length on the history of the bandoneon will last for more than than the 2.40 length of the song, and in fact could go on for 2 hours at 40 minutes.

Notable for pausing for breath at the end of each eight bars.

The Homeric Nuevo Tango Dancer

Wears a cool hat back to front and baggy trousers.

Has watched every "Didactic Demo" on youtube. The tango equivalent of the Fonz.

Has reinvented Lunfardo ( in the abscence of any real source) so knows all the street terms for tango moves 'choe = ocho = cool move eg "thats real cho dude".

As a surfer he'll participate in Tango Salmoning: ie dancing against the line of dance, albeit with style and the deftness of a hooker, and without actually stepping on anyone's toes.

The Geriatrice

A mythical beast once young and beautiful who could make heads turn and was a great ballroom dancer; now thinks AT shpuld be a doddle but insists on weight changing at least as many times as her leader and more often if she thinks he isnt listening to the music properly.

The Better Than

A lousy dancer who boasts of all the BsAs milongas that he's danced in; when in all likelihood he would have sat without a dance partner and no half-decent tanguera would dance twice with him if he had the good luck to have one dance.

The Talker

Competitive charming man who uses words to cover up his dancing inadequacies; ie he'll do an exercise for 1 minute then show his present partner something else that he learnt or rather failed to learn in a previous class.

The Show Girl

Desperate for attention and brought up in Strictly Competitive mode; doesnt want to dance anything unless:

  • There's an audience
  • She's going to be doing something that no-one else can.

Also haunted by worries of age diminishing beauty and ability and being no longer asked to dance; Too proud to ask a man for a dance, but too lazy to become a good tango dancer when her ballroom is still good.

- BorderTangoMan, 5th May 2009

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