Pimping Your Ride

8th April 2009

"Nice wheels. Whatcha running under there?" ~ The Fast And The Furious

The Tango equivalent of customising your hotrod...

In Car:In Tango
ABS: Can stop on a dime (and in balance)
Air con: the ability to stay cool and collected no matter what's going on.
Air freshener: breath mints / chewing gum
Alloy wheels: closed shoes to protect your feet from other dancers and occasionally yourself. Highly recommended, especially if you dance with strangers.
Automatic or manual: auto cross / giros etc or wait to be led.
Collision Radar: floorcraft
Cruise control: follow-through decisively on a move (that the leader's "working around" because he fluffed the original lead)
Custom paint job: tattoos that can be seen in the outfit worn. Be aware that some people have a knowledge of what certain tattoos mean...
Custom shocks: flow smoothly when walking rather than bounce, bounce, bounce.
Doubleshifting: Can smoothly change up or down multiple gears to respond to changes in the music requiring slower or quicker dancing.
NOX: can provide a sudden extra boost of speed on demand
Power steering: from dissociation and your "core" rather than needing the leader to drag you around
Racing slick tires: how fast is the floor?
Reversing lights: feel out behind when taking back steps
Sat Nav: awareness of the line of dance and lanes and acts accordingly when doing adornments.
Spare tire: able to deal with minor shoe breakages
Styling: the dresses and shoes. Also hair ornaments to keep long hair in place.
Tool kit: plasters, asprin etc for minor damage to bodywork

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- Christopher O' Shea, 8th April 2009