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Pete And Dud Talk Tango

28th May 2009

Act One

Pete: You know what Dud?

Dud: Yes Pete;

Pete: I was sitting in Negrachas the other night, just sipping my pint -

Dud: As one does.

Pete: - Yes Dud as you say; as one does. Anyway I was sitting there sipping my pint at Negracha's -

Dud: Was that Urban or traditional Pete?

Pete: - Well you know me Pete, I would be down with the the urbans, but its me knees.

Dud: Your knees?

Pete: Yes Dud I've got these knees.

Dud: Have you had them looked at?

Pete: Indeed i have, indeed I have. In fact several Harley Street specialists have looked at my knees.

Dud: And what did they say?

Pete: Well in no uncertain terms - I mean that's what you pay a Harley Street specialist for; isn't it? You dont expect uncertainty; if you heard uncertain terms you might begin to think that he wasnt as good as he made himself out to be -

Dud: So what did he say?

Pete: Well in terms of Absolute Unconditional Certainty he said that on no account should I attempt dance Nuevo.

Dud: He didn't! ( shocked)

Pete: He did, Dud he did.

Silence for a few moments, both sip at their beer...

Pete: Didn't like all that nuevo music anyway. Its a bit frivolous.

Dud: Me neither; far too frivolous.

Act Two

Pete: Well Dud; as a musician, which of the tango orchestras gains your favour.

Dud: For me, the arrangements of Tanturi coupled with the velvety voice of Enrique Campos are the epitome of good dance music. No other singer can convey emotion coupled with a sonorous rendition. Foe me he is the Bing Crosby of the tango world; not just beautiful to the ear but like drinking a really good cup of Espresso. The music has been steamed out under high temperature and the result is rich tasting and dark and smooth. What about you Pete?

Pete: Give me Pugliese every time. He is the Jimi Hendrix of the Bandoneon. He makes the instrument sound like the human voice. a human voice with passion and drama; His rendition of La Yumba captures every other tango song ever played with a bandoneon.

Dud: he was a pianist Pete.

Pete: that makes his genius even more extraordinary. Only someone with such vision could make an instrument he wasnt playing sound so evocative. When I hear Galla Ciego or Negracha I am aroused to a state of passion that is rarely experienced outside cloistered religious institutions.
If Tanturi and Campos are the best coffee of tango, then Pugliese is the Mescaline of tango. When I hear his music it transports to an altered state where I lose myself. I am no longer conscious of there being a me and a partner or that I am in a room full of people; there is only music and movement. I am no longer responsible for my actions when Pugliese is played.

Dud: Is that why you bump into so many people then?

Pete: quite possibly, Dud, quite possibly.

- BorderTangoMan, 28th May 2009

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