Big Vern at Negracha's

10th July

The adventures of Big Vern at Negracha's...

Big Vern: My gawd, they're playing Adios Nonino. I dont f***in believe it. Dont vey 'ave no respect.
Sandra: Wots that abart then?
BV: Its Piazzolla. this bloke wot wrote some fantastic music, but it werent fer dancin' see, and all the tango dancers hated him, until he became famous.
S: but I fought you liked to dance to neo music Vern.
BV: Adios Nonino is not neo Sarn, its Nuevo. and its abahd 'is dad. Its a Requiem. Means it wrote it in memory of 'is old man see. He wrote it after his Dad died and it reminds me of my old man. He wnt dahn shooting he did. Back in those days cops didn't carry guns, but my old man was so 'ard they 'ad to get some out special. He did a bank job, someone blew the gaff on 'im and he had to shoot his way aht, but ver voz too many of vem and he didnt make it. Me ma was livid. she'd cooked his favourite Liver han onions and he dint come 'ome for it.
S: we could go upstairs Vern
BV: awright gal, but yer no that those stuffy salon dancers get on me wick.

Big Vern and Sarn dance...

BV: Ere mate, you just bamped my partner. I gonna 'ave to teach you sam manners.
Dancer: Oh I'm terribly sorry
Sandra: Leave it Vern. 'es not werf it
BV: Sarn, he dissed you, he moved into ver line of dance from ver middle of ver dance floor. An' 'is musicality sucks. He's gotta pay. I learned all abart ver Codigos see when i vos inside a Buenos Aires clink.

BLAM! [Shoots dancer]

BV: They're playing Una Emocion. I like dat one
It means
"Come and look what I bring in
in this blend of music and words,
it's the song that inspired the
longing that I felt last night.
It's voice of tango modulated in every corner
by one who lives under the spell of an emotion;
I want to sing for this tune
that is ever so sweet and captivating.

Surrounded by the illusion, I listened to it last night,
the emotion compounded by things of yesterday, "
"SURROUNDED"! The fuzz are artside. Run for it Sarn! out ver back! , I'll cover yer!. I wont go back to traditional - not never. I spent too long in that Argie clink. I can't do mano a mano again. They won't take me alive.

BLAM! [Shoots self]

- BorderTangoMan, 10th July 2009

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