Ghost Guide To Tango: Volcadas


This article discusses the topic of "volcadas" ("leans").


Definition: Volcada - from Volcar - to tip-over or capsize; a falling step: The leader causes the follower to tilt or lean forward and fall off her axis before he catches her again. The process can produce a beautiful leg drop from her. The movement requires the support of a close embrace.

It's about "spilling" - taking the follower off her axis. Lead her in a direction that doesn't feel natural to step to - such as a diagonal.

From a sidestep left:

Sidestep left (but place your left foot diagonally back), and try to lead a sidestep right. The second sidestep is unnatural and will easily result in a volcada if you add taking her off axis and stepping backwards to curve it.

Simple lean

Keep your chests perpendicular to line of movement and lead her to step forwards. Lead's chest blocks her step so she'll volcada.


  • Don't change the line of attack
  • Don't bend rear leg.
  • If ganchoed, use "hanging cradle" movement suspended between you.

Sliding volcada

As long as the floor is slippery enough, can slide the follow either backwards or forwards.


Go to the cross, but instead of collecting take her off her axis towards the lead and slide her backwards on their right foot. Need a fairly low angle. Return to her axis, collect and finish cross to exit.

Sacada to gancho and volcada

Sidestep , block, sacada her foot into half back ocho, bring back around to volcada.

  1. From cross system offset so right foot in front of hers lead steps forwards with right foot.
  2. Follow is rebounded ie not fully allowed to settle / weight transfer onto her back foot.
  3. Lead steps his left foot back as if starting a back sacada.
  4. Pivot anti-clockwise from your waist (i.e. no dissociation) to change direction, and step in with right foot inside her left leg to sacada into a back ocho.
  5. Reverse into volcada with a gancho.
  6. Anti-clockwise sacada back to back ocho position then reverse.
  7. This time lead's right foot collect to left and then steps forward to take her to cross.

Scorpion Volcada


Front ochos to left step into a colgada to gancho her left leg to lead's right hip (again needs to be high). Lead turns to left and steps sideways into scorpion lunge.


Back ochos to right reversed into linear boleo her right, lead's left foot steps across her perpendicularly, then reverse into forward linear boleo and to lead's right hip (again needs to be high). Lead turns to left and steps sideways into scorpion lunge.


You want her ganchoing leg to spiral up rather than arc around horizontally so lead starts with bent knees and straightens up as she ganchos.

Volcada dip

From castigada or front boleo follow facing lead's left lead her to step once onto her left foot. Then lead steps perpendicular in front of her with his right. Leads her to gancho it. If lead turns to his left she'll end up in a dip, supported by her ganchoing leg. Momentum is important. Works well is the front boleo came after a b sacada b boleo.


Cross body led to collect to rear planeo. Lead steps left foot back slightly. Do small cw planeo pivot on follow, reversed in acw as you close embrace and bring her off axis to gancho lead's right leg with her right.


Principle - The tent: A figure created when the man leads the lady onto one foot as in, or at the end of, calesita and then steps back away from her, causing her to lean at an angle from her foot to his frame.


Either from calesita or simply sidestep left and take her off axis by lead stepping backwards.

Gabriel's volcada

Lead follow to do first half of lapiz while lead collects. Lead stealth changes weight and then uses his left foot to barrida her left foot to the cross.

Can do something similar by using right foot to barrida her to cross.

Sara's volcada

Sidestep left. Lead stealth weight transfers to cross system. The lead her to underturned 5 degree b ocho to left as lead steps forward with his left. Lead collects and follow pivots. As follow steps back with her right, lead moves his right around her trailing left leg in preparation for b sacada. Strong b sacada lead steps in as if to to sacada the inside of her right leg with the inside of his right - but instead he reverses the b ocho and takes her off her axis to give a volcada with gancho.

 - Christopher O'Shea