Ghost Guide To Tango: Sentadas

Principle: Sitting

Can be either illusionary or actual, including the follow lifting one or both feet from the floor

From a sidestep left

Lead an overturned back ochos left, then both lunge at perpendicular angles so she sits with her right leg on lead's left thigh.

For example:

Image: From a sidestep left

Practice sequence: entrance

Sidestep right, then sacada her left leg across. If done at speed can pivot her around.

Next, either:

  • Reverse into gancho her left lead's right.
  • Instead of lean like volcada, keep her upright and bend lead's right leg for her to sit on.

For example:

Image: Practice Sequence 1


  • Reverse into gancho her left lead's left (needs to be high - between knee and waist).
  • Then lift her across to sit on lead's left leg facing left. Needs fluid momentum.

Scorpion Volcada: Entrance


Front ochos to left step into a colgada to gancho her left leg to lead's right hip (again needs to be high).


Back ochos to right reversed into linear boleo her right, lead's left foot steps across her perpendicularly, then reverse into forward linear boleo and to lead's right hip (again needs to be high).

For example:

Image: Scorpion entrance 2

Finally, lead turns to left and steps sideways into scorpion lunge.

For example:

Image: Scorpion Lunge

 - Christopher O'Shea