Ghost Guide To Tango: Planeos

Principle: to glide.

Want follower's weight forward on her weighted foot rather than planted.

Lower embrace slightly, but don't push down on her lower back.

From a sidestep left

Go to lady sandwich.

Barrida her left foot out to your right into a planeo.


"Press down" and leave your foot out in planeo position. Start the downwards motion with your body and finish with your arms. Feeling of sinking.

Practice sequences



Sidestep opposite direction then "bounce" back. Mirror the move.

For example:

Image: Mirror



Sidestep then lead her to do a backstep. Can either fake it and stay upright:

For example:

Image:Upright planeo

Or mirror and planeo as well.

For example:

Image: Mirror planeo

Notes: Can use planeos to set up walks.



Can lead forward ochos and parada about a foot away rather than touching. Follow will often do a point to touch the foot.

Or can slightly underlead the change of direction of front ochos in a giro.

Notes: Can result in lady doing ronde ochos instead of points


Principle - Carousel


Sidestep left and simply walk around her.

For example:

Image: Carousel planeo


Lift up. Don't let her plant her foot on the sidestep. Keep her on the ball of her foot.

Planeo pivots


Sidestep left and sacada her right leg across. Pivot her around slowly. Then reverse and leave the foot you sacadaed with out and invite her to mirror stance to lead her into pivot planeo.

For example:

Image: Planeo pivots


A rear planeo will resolve into a side planeo when pivoted and then into a front planeo.

Lots of schools of thought on how the lead should walk.

Strong frame is important. You need to know whether she follows you left hand or your right. Support that one, but ease of on the other as any force their will take her off balance.

Bear in mind if you raise up, so will she shortening the radius of the planeo. Your starting height is determined by how close you were when you finished the block.

Personally I find it easier to walk forwards even if this involves dissociation. You can walk backwards or do follows giro footwork.

Move around her circumference.

Keep the axis of rotation stable and constant.

 - Christopher O'Shea