Ghost Guide To Tango: The Embrace

The perfect embrace - a tale

"Do you Tango?" With an endearing smile he gently replied "I'll try".

His movement had my attention. I watched his left hand as he raised it slowly, unhurriedly, deliberately, bewitchingly, towards the side of his face then away from his body extending his arm intriguingly until he stopped. I continued to watch as he uncurled his fingers one by one, opening his hand inviting me to place mine on his.

With my right hand in position he slowly, very slowly, cradled my hand, curling his fingers one by one.


He curved his right arm out to the side inviting me to step forward. As I walked nearer he rested his arm gently and firmly across my back, drawing me in until our bodies met.

Forget what the 'rules' say about close embrace, without thinking my head lowered and rested on his shoulder. It wasn't a choice, it was obvious. We waited, he waited and then... I felt him... relax... together we relaxed. Our breathing synchronised.
It was bloody amazing.

In an instant my whole world changed.

In an instant I was oblivious to anyone or anything else in the room.

This exquisite start was just the beginning. After a moment of continued silence, he led me in our dance.

After the dance I walked around in a daze for at least twenty minutes, I didn't want to dance, everything was a blur. I went back to my chalet to dream.

 - Carole

Some notes

In no particular order:

  • The Alexander technique may help.
  • Stand tall - think "alpha male". Even if the led is considerably taller than the follow he shouldn't crouch over
  • Solar plexus over toes, not heels. Hips over heels. Lengthen your body, but don't arch your back.
  • Project up through the crown of your head
  • If using Northern style, look at her right shoulder. Leader's left arm isn't held in close.
  • A lady can decline leaving close embrace (for example, in ochos
  • When shifting into / back into close embrace it's ok to take a moment to settle and for you both to re-adjust frame.
  • Can be either square on, or in a half "V" shape ie follow is opened out slightly, not the lead.
  • It's possible to have lead's head on the right in close embrace
  • Lead's elbows point down not outwards, lead's palms point towards follow's heart

 - Christopher O'Shea