Ghost Guide To Tango: Crosses


Repairs a deliberate flaw in the lead. The follow crosses to get back onto the same tracks as the lead at the earliest opportunity so that she can get her chest in front of his again.

Practice sequence

From a sidestep left:

Sidestep left but lead is offset to the right. Turn follow so she's facing the right as Lead turns to face the left. Collect to the cross.


You need to prepare in the step beforehand, turning clockwise to your partner, then pivoting anti-clockwise to bring her in.

There should be a feeling of "gathering"

Helps to remember the follower collects in the cross in the order: head > shoulders > waist > hips > legs. So the lead isn't so much leading her to cross her foot as pivoting her shoulders.


If she doesn't cross, most likely she hasn't learnt it. The most natural thing for her to do is to start a forward ocho to the leader's left instead. If this happens, go with it.

 - Christopher O'Shea