Ghost Guide To Tango: Colgadas


A Colgada is an "outside lean", where both dancers lean out away from each other. Colgadas usually incorporate movement, usually in the form of a turn around a shared axis.

Principle: hanging

Basically you both do a pivoting planeo and counter-balance each other.


Because of the pivoting the relative positions of the feet change even though technically they remain in place. At the beginning the lead's left foot is outside the follow's left foot, but at the end of the pivot it's inside.

Practice sequences

From front ocho to left step lead's left foot in-between hers and step forward essentially doing follower's anitclockwise giro footwork starting from front ocho.

For example:

Image: practice sequence

From a sidestep left

Sidestep left to lady sandwich lead's right foot. Lead her into back ocho and transfer weight to lead's right foot. Reverse ocho and swing her back around clockwise.

For example:

Image: From a sidestep left

Can end in a volcada

For example:

Image: Volcada

Or, lead steps back and brings follow with him.

For example:

Image: Step back

Or, follow ganchos lead's right leg with her left.

For example:

Image: Ganchos

 - Christopher O'Shea