Follower's Basic Step

7th January 2009

The "Basic 8" step, from the follower's point-of-view:

Posture: Feet together, weight on toes, open chest, body upright

Steps 1-5

Timing: Slow, slow, quick, quick, slow

  1. Step forward onto your left foot; Draw your right into left, (and collect)
  2. Step side onto your right; Draw left foot into right (and collect)
  3. Step back onto left
  4. Then back onto the right
  5. Cross the left foot in front of the right

Steps 6-8

Timing: Quick, Quick, Slow

  1. Step back onto right foot; Draw left into right (collect)
  2. And step side onto left
  3. Finally close right foot in (collect)

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 - Betty Smith, 7th January 2009