19th January 2009

Women experience more changes in their life than men. It would only be fair to translate this to our activities, including dance. Well, given this, I ought to have known that I'd be changing my tune about the 'glittering shoes' not to mention the revealing (common) outfits!

Yes, things change or is it because we are women, we change?

So, shoes

I have a love-hate relationship with my dear CIF's (or Comme-Il-Faut's, if you'd rather). They are lovely to look at and more often than not, my feet feel at home as soon as I put them on. Looking back, I'd never had imagined dancing in 8cm inch high heels. Some say "shoes are a girls best friend" and at times I'd agree, but not at the end of a milonga!

The common ground with shoes is that most fit, unlike clothes. Shoes can also make an outfit. In Tango they make the dance easier, elegant and sexy.

It is also important to bear in mind that Tango shoes will in time mould to your foot so best to buy a smaller size (not pinching) than normal. Me, I am that impatient impulsive customer, traders just love. So, I was coerced into purchasing the first pair of Tango shoes I came across - my reasoning is that I didn't have time to 'shop around' and secondly, they were Comme-Il-Faut's, how could I possibly go wrong? So I remember steering well clear of the fancy multi-bright coloured pairs and sticking with what I thought was sensible at the time and went for the T-Bar style, in plain black, with gold straps.

Well, my CIF's have been faithful and at the same time looked pretty and made me look elegant. At one point last year, I attended 3 lessons and a milonga at least once a week, so they've done well not have snapped. I have heard from a couple of my Milonguita friends about their misfortunate experiences where their heels have broken - during dances (eek!).

The need for shops

Like most shoes, Tango shoes are many and outlets equally. However, unlike normal shoes, we lack Tango shoe shops and I'm learning that shoes are traded at dance venues and Tango clubs.

It does make it painful to find that perfect pair for your feet admittedly, but pain is love - no?! I love my CIF's, but they've now become a bit loose for me and I have to invest in another pair. I've looked at hundreds of pairs now, and I have changed my mind.

Can we have a look at the multi-coloured, glittering, killer heel pair please?

- Betty Smith, 19th January 2009

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