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I want to...

I want to improve my connection / frame / dance technique in MJ

The perceived wisdom is that you should take up either Argentine Tango or WCS. Clearly it's half right...

Although there's overlap between AT and MJ there's also a lot of differences. This can mean that technique that works great on an AT follower will actually make things worse on an MJ follower. You probably need to look for a workshop along the lines of "Tango technique for your MJ" or a private lesson.

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I want to add tango-y moves / footwork to my MJ

Tango moves look cool, have great musicality and can usually be done in a fairly small space.

However, there's a fairly limited number of moves that will actually work on a partner who doesn't already know them, and they take a looong time to learn in comparison with Modern Jive moves.

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I want to learn a tango fusion

Don't want to dance all night to accordions huh?

Well, you'll need follows who know it, and somewhere that plays suitable music on a regular basis. And you're not going to learn a lot of AT technique and you'll probably skip the basics and go straight to the "advanced" tango; which can be a bit confusing if you decide to take up tango later on.

But, you get to dance Tango to Springsteen...

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I want to master tango NOW!

"What's with all this "7 years to learn to walk" nonsense?!

OK, there's two ways to get really good at tango quickly: by learning walking, or by learning sequences.

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I want to dance to modern music

"- Is it really so much to ask?" Well yes - at the moment, there's very few tango clubs where modern music is played. You're more likely to find something suitable at Ceroc blues rooms.

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I want to learn lots of cool moves

"Walk, walk, walk. Blah, blah, blah. Meh, where's the fun stuff?"

Coming from an MJ background, some people are naturally more move-focussed than others. But it's less easy to pick up a collection of moves from Tango lessons - you get taught less moves per class. Also, knowing moves without technique can be dangerous - poorly-placed ganchos can be painful.

Private, move-focussed lessons can help. Also, going to lots of different teachers' classes will expose you to a variety of moves.

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I want to learn Technique

If you want to learn technique, the most important thing is to find the right teacher for you, someone who fits with the way you learn; and you'll need to stick with that teacher. It may take a while to find this teacher.

You also need to be a good (patient) learner.

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 - Christopher O'Shea