I want to dance to modern music

4th December 2008

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Is it really so much to ask?


Let's face it, if you were attracted to MJ there's probably a good chance that you like dancing to modern music. Unfortunately traditional AT music is rather different. It's probably an acquired taste. The same songs are played repeatedly, allowing tangoistas to become intimately familiar with them and so be more free in their expression of them. Unfortunately if it's not your taste, this can become a real problem.

Indeed many tangoistas consider "modern tango music" to have been written during the 1940s!

There is a kind of middle ground in Nuevo tango music, such as Gotan Project and Otros Aires with Louis Armstrong making an occasional appearance. Differing DJs experiment in different directions, ranging from Moulin Rouge's "Roxanne" to "Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head" to "Swedish Dance Party Music" to actual Whalesong. It's not easy finding somewhere that sounds like it belongs to MJ though.


There's very few tango clubs where modern music is played


Blues Rooms!

Who's doing it currently

Um, not a lot of people.

Negracha has a neuvo tango room and does play some modern music, though they're the ones who've played whalesong!.

Bianca and Tango South London will put on Neuvo tango for the last part of the evening, but you won't hear Springsteen. La Mariposa and Decadance intersperse neuvo throughout their milongas.

Ceroc Orpington and Greenwich Ceroc currently run monthly Blues nights. Greenwich also runs Slinkys on a roughly quarterly basis.

Marc and Rachel have an informal milonga at Berkhamsted Ceroc in the early part of Sunday evenings.

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 - Christopher O'Shea, 3rd December 2008