Jacqui's Journey

One: Let the Dance Begin

15th November 2008

The first in (hopefully) a series of entries, describing a follower's journey into the world of Tango from Modern Jive.

The world of Ceroc filled a desperate gap in my life when I needed it, and the addiction has grown now to other genres of dance. For a while I have been totally engrossed in watching couples tango at various freestyle evenings and I find myself sitting and observing and being mesmerized by this style of dance more and more.

Having toyed with the idea of starting tango classes I now feel ready to take on a new challenge. Being prone to putting pen to paper and writing my thoughts to justify my feelings, I have decided to diarise my new venture, and so I begin.

Where to start?

I have researched, Googled, listened to advice until my brain is on overload.

So many choices, everyone it seems, has a different recommendation and they are all plausible and valid.

Then there are other aspects to consider:

  • days that are viable
  • times that are suitable
  • venues that are accessible

- together with the fact that if I do these extra lessons something has to give, my husband who has an aversion to anything dance related would not be happy for me to vanish for yet another night of self-indulgence, which means Ceroc freestyles will have to be cut down.

Ho hum, why can't utopia be a real place where we can all self indulge 24/7 and still fulfil all our responsibilities?

Oh such trials and tribulations and I haven't even started yet!

- Jacqui Jacobs, 15th November 2008

Two: if you fail to plan, you plan to fail

10th December 2008

So having decided to 'go for it', thought I should start by doing a bit of research but this time with the goal of making a final decision. My first port of call was to check out the jivetango website, created for those who are interested in switching from modern jive to a little Tango, actually lots of Tango, it does on all accounts seem to take over somewhat.

Yikes, reading all the reviews and choice of classes - again a bit of brain overload as far as the information goes.

Then I checked out the 'Learning Tango' thread on the Ceroc Scotland Forum.

I thought it was fair enough to start from the last few pages as there are a mere 1,600 entries. Wow, all the proper names being used for the various moves and positions, I can't even remember what an 'accordion comb pull crab' is in Ceroc, but this, it is in another language to make it even more complicated!

I don't even know my milongas from my practicas, in fact, I am impressed that I even have the knowledge of the aforementioned words in the first place. If that wasn't daunting enough the people partaking in the discussions seem pretty proficient in the way they are talking and what is more they all understand exactly what each other is saying, I could actually imagine them all nodding and rubbing their chins whilst being really immersed in the conversation... and then there is me.

They are professing to be 'Learning Tango' but to me it comes across that they are pretty well taught!

I will carry on regardless, I am not stupid and not one to give up, so putting that to one side I am of the opinion that I will pick it up as I go along (such an optimist), a minor hurdle I feel.

Finally and probably stupidly, I started delving in to checking out videos and snippets on YouTube and various Google links, way out of my league but so beautiful to watch. My thought was 'Am I kidding myself here? Would I be better sticking to what I know?' but in true Jacqui style have convinced myself not to be defeated before I have even started. So onwards and upwards.

Perhaps too much knowledge is a bad thing...

- Jacqui Jacobs, 10th December 2008

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