Painting Tango

30th October 2008

I sometimes do paintings when I get back from dancing (mainly Negracha) if I want to remember a particularly wonderful tango.


After my first night at Negracha

One step at a time

After Pablo Veron's masterclass on only using step forward, side and rebounds to dance


A tanda of pure walking with Claire Loewe


One of the few times upstairs in Negracha was packed and yet no-one was crashing into each-other


A tango I dreamt - I really do dance in my sleep

Alchemical Tango

Downstairs at Negracha when the concepts behind the sequences were beginning to flow and melt together.

One Last Tango

Sparkles' Last Tango at Bow

Downstairs at Negracha

Before they had semi-regular DJs

 - Christopher O'Shea, 30th October 2008