Assertiveness, Drive and Core Stability

18th November 2008

Over the past year, I'm beginning to understand, through my own experiences on my Tango journey, the things that make the dance feel good for me.


The joy of Tango for me is, that its different to other forms of partner dance, in that to enjoy the dance to its full, I have to completely submit to the lead.

I have to allow my body's movements to be completely controlled by a force, other that that of my own free will.

Once I've accepted this, it's actually quite liberating and if you have a good partner, one that you trust and feel comfortable with, there's nothing more relaxing really, as you don't have to 'think' at all! You just let it happen.

The easiest leads to follow by far, are those who walk and move assertively, with drive and purpose. Those who are too tentative, tend to confuse and put me off balance. One can be a little too gentlemanly...

Core Strength and Stability

The other thing I've learnt (and working on at the moment), is that in order to be able to balance well, one needs to work on ones 'core strength' and 'stability'. This creates tone in the body, allowing the lead to transfer downwards.

But the hardest thing is, at the same time, one has to allow the working leg and foot to be free/soft enough to whip back, forth and round etc., without compromising this strength and stability.

Trying to achieve both of these is a bit like patting your head and rubbing your tummy! But I'm getting there.... slowly but surely.

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 - Lorraine Coulson, 18th November 2008