Revisiting 2009...

21st December 2009

For me this has been very much a year of walking. Repeatedly going back to the basics, posture, embrace, the walk. It's also been a year of potential.

There seems to have been a gradual shift in London away from "moves" and sequences and more interest now in musicality and floorcraft which bodes well.

A draft update of the Ghost Guide was written, but put on hold while I try to figure out how to express some concepts that run through pretty much everything.

Jedi tango

A defining moment in tango history - tango with a lightsabre! Thanks MsH ;o)


I've been left in charge of the music at a Practica a couple of times, but sadly didn't take the opportunity to play the Chipmunk version of Bad Boys.

Tango Practice Group

The Tango Practice Group began, and continued. Though it's still fairly small, it's definitely helped my dancing improve considerably.


I watched a visitor lead tango walks on a Cerocer at Greenwich and be so surprised that she followed them that he promptly messed up the lead for an Octopus. It's noticeable that the more experienced women there can now do walks and ochos (pretty much). Some boleos, colgadas, volcadas and giros are doable too. Indeed two women are considering taking up tango :o)


Nada. No Slinkys either. The end of an era I think. Orpington still runs a Blues night with quite a few Tango refugees though.


The Let's Go To Negracha's group continues happily with easily 20-30 people in attendance. The description was updated to include floorcraft which seems to have literally transformed downstairs from the Grand Melee into somewhere you can actually dance.

Adriana Pegorer

Sadly Javier Cura didn't do any contact tango I was aware of locally this year. Adriana Pegorer has started her own monthly group, but life managed to conspire to my actually attending any of them! Hopefully next year.


I finally got the hang of a good intermediate walk :o)

"Dances with Beginners"

I figured out how to lead complete beginners.


MsHedgehog continued to be a helpful source of female perspective and surprisingly good at Ceroc.


  • Doing a tango lift with Bianca
  • Being headbutted in the back by Andreas while leading MsH to "improve my posture"! rofl
  • Finally getting a pair of Darcos
  • The dancing at Ken and Kymme's wedding


  • "Any more crazy ideas?" :o) Yup, plenty.
  • "I must blog about this!"
  • "I've never seen a girl react like that ever! Both of them!"
  • "Only you would start to lead a dance on the last beat"
  • "I bet you can do all the fancy stuff can't you? But you've been paying attention and instead are leading what I can do and concentrating on making the follower feel good. And you sir, are doing a wonderful job."

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 - Christopher O' Shea, 21st December 2009